President Donald Trump could be cured of whatever it is that causes him to be such a fuckwit by injecting a large foot swiftly up his ass, according to behavioural scientists.
Trump is said to be suffering from a disorder that causes abject fuckwittery, while the rest of the world suffers from Donald Trump.

Behavioural scientists believe that the only cure for this disorder is for President Trump to receive regular injections of a foot up his ass.

‘Injecting a foot up Donald’s ass would shock his system enough to cause a soft reboot. Over time, this should cause a significant improvement in is behaviour, bringing relief to him and the rest of the world,’ said Dr Brennan Bishop.

Over 100 million people have already volunteered to be the one to administer the injection and many have even volunteered to pay.

‘This could save the American economy and would undoubtedly be the best thing President Trump has ever done for America,’ declared economist Cash Goldman.

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