The best free CRM software today helps you manage customer care effectively. Many businesses are often interested in applying information technology to the sales and accounting process but accidentally forget their most valuable asset. Free CRM software can meet part of your business customer care. If possible, use paid software to help you manage your company most professionally. There are many free CRM software in the world that are suitable for your business situation. Your business is newly established with small-scale so that you may encounter many difficulties. In this case, free CRM software programs are temporary solutions to focus on other business issues.
In this article, I will share with you the best free CRM software programs you should trust.

1 Insightly

Insightly provides a great free CRM software solution and a very friendly website. With Insightly free version limited to two users, 2500 customer profiles, 200 storage capacity, and 10 custom fields.
The fee for upgrading 25,000 records, 1 gigabyte, and MailChimp integration is $ 12 / user / month. Insightly is very suitable for small businesses, by 2 people is more than enough. However, this is also a limitation when applied to large enterprises that need more users.

2 HubSpot Software

HubSpot Software is an absolutely free CRM software with unlimited users, unlimited usage, and unlimited data. It can control customer interaction, effective channels, and marketing. HubSpot Software is the leading professional CRM software in the world which generally puts customers in a central position to help visualize the overall parts related to customers.
Its features that can meet the basic needs of customer care management, you only need to know a few skills in computing are usable. Sign up for an account on the HubSpot homepage, you will be provided with a simple link and use.
You can see more articles related to the most popular free CRM software to help businesses have an overview and choose the right solution for your company.

3 Raynet

Raynet is easier to use than many other software tools on the market. Like Insightly, Raynet also allows free use of 2 users with 150 customer profiles and 50Mb of storage capacity and full support of customer care features.
Upgrade fee to 20,000 records, 1Tb of storage is $ 19 / user / month.

4 Vtiger CRM

Vtiger CRM is open source software based on Sugar CRM, you can automatically download and install free open source versions of Vtiger.
Additionally, Vtiger provides a pre-configured version with only $ 12 /user/month. This software is integrated with MailChimp, Intuit, Paypal and some other tools.
Vtiger provides these features including payment, inventory tracking, and project management capabilities. There is the fact that Vtiger’s disadvantage is that it is difficult to be compatible with the PHP programming language.

5 Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM is one of the easy-to-use and cost-effective CRM software for small businesses with little investment. Zoho CRM software is a Web-based customer relationship management solution that provides customer management, automated marketing, enterprise development solutions, and departmental systems.
The free version of Zoho CRM provides 3 to 10 users with 5000 customer profiles, along with its mobile application. To upgrade to another version (increase the number of users, features and 100,000 records) for only $ 12 /user/month.

6 Zurmo CRM software

Similar to Vtiger CRM, Zurmo CRM is also an open source software. It is extremely simple and easy to use with friendly interface. Zurmo CRM is also customizable to every type of business. Zurmo CRM does not focus on developing all features, but only developing features that are deemed necessary for customer care management.
The biggest drawback of Zurmo CRM is that it is quite new in the market. Its installation cost is 32 $ / user / month.

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