VPS refers to a virtual private server and also described as the virtual dedicated server. In this type of hosting a physical server is split up into multiple virtual machines with dedicated resources like RAM, storage, and CPU.

A VPS server permits more control like installing desired OS and server administration.  It can hold the bigger sites efficiently, due to the dedicated environment. Although VPS server also shared among the various users, but there is a significantly lower amount of users on the whole server.

1. Vultr (Only $2.50/mo)

Whether you’re a developer, webmaster, or blogger, Vultr offers the cheapest Linux VPS servers capable of running different Linux distros, Apps, and installing custom ISOs as well. Despite the fact that they provide insanely affordable cloud hosting services for developers, their uptime and rendering speeds are also incredible. The availability of multiple data centers across the world ensure low latency thus the fastest loading speeds. You can select from 16 locations and configure the nearest cloud server to your target audience.

Vultr’s data centers consist of world-class servers built with enterprise-level hardware, SSDs, Intel CPUs, and cutting-edge infrastructure. You cannot get maximum out of your instances without a user-friendly and powerful management panel, that’s why they offer you an intuitive feature-rich control panel which makes it easy to deploy, destroy, modify, and configure system settings in a few mouse clicks. They ensure ultimate usability by giving the full control and admin access over your virtual machine.

Where traditional shared host asks for to subscribe long term plans to avail maximum discount, Vultr value your money as they offer hourly and monthly billing system. Their billing system calculates the used resources and creates invoices according to used resources. That said, you only pay for what you use (pay-as-you-go). Developers can integrate API into their development environment and manage their servers quickly.

For different OS taste and to fulfill all type of users needs, there is a broad range of distros including CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, OpenBSD, and CoreOS, etc. Furthermore, you can also deploy a Windows machine easily for ASP, .Net, and Windows based apps. Private network isolation can be achieved by using IPv4 and IPv6 IP addresses. All in all, we highly recommend Vultr for developers and programmers as well as webmasters looking for low-cost cloud powered VPS.

2. DigitalOcean – Cheapest Linux VPS with SSD Storage

When you are searching for a robust hosting solution compared to shared, DigitalOcean is a significant name that provides a total segregated environment where you can play freely. Just like Vultr, DO is a specialized cloud provider where the resources are not shared with other accounts on the same server. The company is so popular that more than 1 million developers are making use of their vigorous infrastructure.

DigitalOcean has 8 data centers across the world for lowest response time and improved ping speed. The new account will be hand over to you within no time as you are required to enter just a few details, select a datacenter and choosing a plan, etc. You will get a simple control panel with various pre-built apps like open source applications including Magento, WordPress, Node.js, GitLab, Docker, and many more. Also creating backups is so easy which is priced around 20% of the droplet cost and create automatic backups of your instance.

Digital Ocean droplets start from $5/mo or $0.007/hr. packed with 25GB SSD space, 1GB RAM, 1TB data transfer, and 1 Core CPU. Here note that you if you are going to use WordPress then the recommended plan is one having 1GB RAM. If you are running out of storage, you can do so by adding block storage at really low prices $0.10/GB. The Company also make sure to maintain a well physical as well as infrastructure security. 24/7 guards, CCTV and backup generators while infrastructure protected by multiple in-depth security layers, multi-factor authentication, and pro-active monitoring, etc.

DigitalOcean offers a useful team management tool that makes collaboration easy for you by managing multiple users without sharing credentials. When your site grows up, DigitalOcean has solutions coming with 192GB RAM and 32 Core CPUs. Moreover, soon they are going to introduce Kubernetes which is a more powerful solution for businesses. Also, heavy traffic can be managed by enabling the load balancers to route traffic through various instances to keep your website up and running. They mainly offer support services via ticketing system that is slow. However, you can browse an extensive knowledge base for self-help guides.

3. Linode

When seeking the cheap VPS hosts, you may surely come to a name called Linode cloud. The company focused on providing the cloud VPS services empowered by ultimate performance speed. They have more than 400k customers in around 131 countries. Linode ensures maximum availability (99.9% uptime guarantee) as well as fast web hosting by utilizing the SSDs, Intel E5 processors, and 40Gbps network.

The hose has located its datacenters in 3 regions (Asia Pacific, North America, and Europe). From these regions, one can pick from 9 datacenters according to the preferred location. Linode offers a feature-rich dashboard from where you can easily launch the server, manage DNS, and enable load balancers. Moreover, it also provides system usage insights so you can keep an eye on the resources and can avoid any shortcomings because of resource shortage. Developers can install any required distributions like Fedora, Ubuntu, Gentoo, etc. and different versions.

Besides, you get plenty of useful additional features like server cloning so you can deploy a server instantly in future, rescue mode to recover your project from uninvited errors and easy backup system. You can install the CLI to work through command lines safely too. Linode pre-made plans are divided into “Standard” and “High Memory”. The prices start at $5/mo which is really cheap and affordable for launching a cloud VPS. Basic plans come with 1GB RAM, 1 Core CPU, 1TB data transfer, and 25 SSD storage.

Linode also offers managed server where an in-house expert team will maintain the infrastructure so that you can focus on your project. Also managed customer will get a free cPanel which is famous because of its ease of use. Plus there is free backups and free site migration. Linode does not offer in-house support chat although there is a community chat where you can share your problem with other users. For company experts solutions you can submit support tickets.

4. Dreamhost

DreamHost is one of the cheapest Linux VPS hosting providers with managed services. They bring a reliable solution for bloggers, designers, and developers. Established back in 1997 the company comes a long way and therefore acknowledged as the trusted provider. Now they are committed to providing 100% uptime and under a second speedy service.

You just require to fill the checkout process, and they will make clear to launch the server within no time. Further DreamHost has a long term support deal with Ubuntu which ensures the latest updates, covering the security holes and seamless services for less downtime. They provide storage on 20x faster SSD drives instead of the SATA standard drives.

DreamHost offers an in-house made control panel that helps in escalating the resources. Buying a plan that carries more RAM, Storage, and CPU cores for a new project are the major cause of unnecessary expenses, so through the control panel, you can order more resources only when required. The scalability like this is pretty cost saving.

Furthermore, their very affordable Linux hosting plans comes with standard features such as PHP, Perl, Python, Nginx, XCache, SSH access and more. Plus, all plans include Let’s encrypt that can be activated by a click and is considered an essential element in SERP.

The very basic plan merely develops in $15 with 1GB RAM and 30 GB storage on solid state drives. Also, they are giving unlimited bandwidth with all the packages. The best part of the DreamHost plans that there is no limit on the number of domains you can host on a single account and thus the developers and designers can initiate multiple projects for their clients. Further, you will be given 1 dedicated IP address with this plan.

If you set up a VPS on your account but concluded that this VPS does not reach your needs and want to cancel it, you will be paid back the full year service minus the first month for the VPS. Their technical support staff is always there for 24/7 to help you. They are available on Twitter and emails with a pretty nice response period. Live chat is available from 6 am to 10 pm Pacific standard time (PST). All in all, DreamHost is not only cheap but also one of the best Linux VPS providers.

5. A2Hosting

A cheap Linux VPS provider that gives customers an abundance of features as a part of their services. They are profoundly appreciated as one of the finest and valuable hosting provider. Founded back in 2003, A2Hosting now offers shared, cloud, VPS, dedicated and specialized WordPress hosting plans. And within no time you can also setup a VPS server.

A2hosting offers unmanaged, managed and Core VPS hosting packages. The unmanaged service starts as low as $5 and regarded as the best low priced VPS option for experienced developers. Conversely to the managed plans, an unmanaged service provides root access, and so you have the full control over operating systems, essential settings like a boot, shutdown, and many other administrative rights.

A2Hosting offers multiple data center choices situated in USA (Michigan), Europe (Amsterdam) and Asia (Singapore) without imposing any additional fee. All of their servers are endowed with SSD storage and hence you can expect major speed advantage. You also have the option to trigger the Turbo Boost in the checkout process for boosting the speed. Furthermore, A2Hosting allow you to choose from the Linux OS like Debian, CentOS, Ubuntu, and lots of others.

All unmanaged plans are configurable and so enable you to select the CPU cores, Storage, bandwidth, and RAM, etc. as per your specifications. The most basic unmanaged plan includes 20GB storage, 1core, 512MB, and 2TD data transfer. The tasks can be done via command lines, but you have the optional cPanel which will cost $19.95.

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